Imran Khan losing his heart for coming Sunday Vote Confidence. He will run out in parliament ground.

Imran Khan is Likely to Resign Today After His Address, May Reveal ‘Letter’ Alleging Foreign Conspiracy.

Imran Khan losing his position in parliament of pakistan. Hw Now Worries lot.. What to do & which way?

Sunday, 2nd April-2022 , Imran Khan FINAL TEST at parliament ground. Its not funny game of CRICKET!!

To Imran Khan's 'I have everything', ex-wife Reham Khans reply Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan said Pakistan was a great place when Imran Khan was not the prime minister.

If Imran Khan is ousted through the no-confidence motion, he will be the first one, though he is the third PM to face a no-confidence motion.

Pakistan's Imran Khan is fighting for his political life-This picture says lot. His rally crates lots of turbulance in Imran Khan Camp before 2 years.